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Birth & Early Parenting education

Hayley is so knowledgeable and passionate about all things pregnancy & birth. Her seminar last night was so informative and presented in an understandable and non intimidating way, and she has such a lovely manner. PS Oh boy, do I wish I had you around when I was having my son - I would have done things very differently!


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Birth is powerful AND SO ARE YOU!


The birth of your baby presents you with the most profound learning experience of your life - as a person, partner and new parent. The aim of my classes is to help you approach your baby's birth with trust and confidence in your body and ability. My classes aim to give you the knowledge to make informed decisions regarding your care plus an insight into what birth may look and feel like


Having been a birth worker in several hospitals in the metro area, and also running hospital based childbirth education classes, my workshops also cover many of the practical aspects of birthing within these settings

As a passionate advocate for Homebirth (and having had two of my babies at Home through both CMP and a Private Midwife), my classes can be tailored to your specific needs - wherever and however you plan to birth your new baby

"If you don't know your options, you don't have any"     
D. Korte & R. Scaer



2 Hours

Would you run a marathon without planning and training?

This class will take you through the physiological process of birth and provide you with a range of natural strategies for your labour tool kit



Day Class-

Birth and Beyond

5 Hours

This all day class covers all three topics in one day;

Natural Strategies for Birth
Explaining the Unexpected
The First Trimester- Early Parenting

Available as a group workshop.

Dates to be advised- or contact me to arrange a personal session for yourself or with a group of you friends

(discounted rates apply!)

$350 per couple




2 Hours

This class is designed to take you through the more common interventions and medications used during childbirth

You will leave with a good background in;

Induction of labour - When, Why  & How


Pharmaceutical pain relief options - Pros and cons

Assisted birth - Why & How

Caesarean Section - Why & How

This class provides a fantastic opportunity to be able to make informed decision regarding your care 


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Birthing Again

- A Fresh Approach

3 Hours

This class is designed for those who have birthed before


We have an in depth discussion/debrief on your past birth experience/s & then refresh your knowledge, tailored to your individual needs


newborn sleeping portrait.jpg

THE Fourth

2 Hours

Your first few weeks of parenthood can be daunting! This class will bring you the basics of baby care. We will cover;

What happens directly after birth

Explaining common newborn procedures & tests

Handling your baby

Feeding your baby 

Nappy changing

Bathing your newborn


My aim for this class is for you to approach the arrival of your baby with confidence and with realistic expectations of what life may be like with your new baby


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Bringing Home

Your Baby-

Parenting through Adoption or Surrogacy

3 Hours

Specifically tailored to your circumstances, this class will cover;

Labour/Birth- What, Why & How
Explaining Common Interventions
The Fourth Trimester- Early Parenting and Bonding with your Baby

This class is designed to help you confidently meet your new baby and provide the fundamentals of newborn care


"...Hayley delivers the courses in a simple and easy to understand format and gave us plenty of opportunity to ask any weird and wild questions that were on our mind. We both walked away from these sessions with a heap more knowledge and feel more in control about what is coming our way... Thanks Hayley!"                              


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