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What can a doula do for me?

A Doula is a non-medically trained pregnancy, birth and postpartum support expert whose primary aim is to provide information, comfort and continual support to you and you partner. They are trained in helping you to understand all about birth, can help you find up-to-date and relevant information and provide non judgmental care 

There is a wonderful Doula community in Western Australia and you will find one that is just right for you. It is perfectly ok to suss out potential Doulas on your search for the right connection - when you know, you know. You need to feel safe and confident and ensure your needs will be met - want to be supported in the early days when your partner goes back to work? Did you have a traumatic birth first time around and need that constant birth companion to help keep you focused and calm? Want someone to align your Chakras? There will be a Chakra-Aligning Doula ready to assist! 

Whilst I don't have the specific skills or cultural background to do anything with your chakras, I have years of experience caring for emerging and new families. As a Mother of 4 and a Defence Force wife I know the challenges of parenting under pressure and those little things that can make the transition to parenting a smoother and joyful experience. This is why people choose to invest in my services


The evidence is clear- having a Doula by your side can have a huge impact upon your birth;

  • reduction in caesarean rate

  •  shorter labour

  • reduction in epidural requests

  • reduction in oxytocin use

  • reduction in analgesia use

  • reduction in assisted birth (forceps/vacuum)

  • Improved breastfeeding rates

  • Decreased incidence of PND

  • Greater maternal satisfaction

  • Better parent-infant bonding


What are the benefits of choosing me?

There is a Doula to suit everyone, and no two Doulas are the same! Finding the right Doula all comes down to what is important for you. What makes my care unique?​

  • I have been attending births since 2008 (hundreds!) and have seen it all! I have cared for parents through many different circumstances and carry no judgement - your birth and care is all about your needs and I respect your decisions 

  • I have attended births in many of the hospitals in the Perth metro area

  • I have attended Homebirths with CMP and Independent Midwives

  • I have had both hospital births and homebirths myself

  • I have been a Childbirth Educator since 2011 facilitating hospital based programs, as well as private classes 

  • I am an Optimal Maternal Positioning (OMP) Ambassador and am trained to be able to help you have an active labour using movement, acupressure and massage to help baby find a great position for birth and a smoother labour - but also to help you intuitively tap into your own labour flow

  • I am a Hypnobirthing Australia Supportive Caregiver

  • I have extensive training in breastfeeding support and have overcome many breastfeeding challenges through feeding my own babies. Every experience was different and I am there to support your breastfeeding goals - whatever they may be - whether it be days, weeks, months or years!


  • I will not perform clinical tasks or observations such as vaginal exams, fetal heart monitoring, abdominal palpations etc...

  • I will not give medical advice or diagnose conditions

  • I will not make decisions for you (medical or otherwise) 

  • I won't pressure you to accept or decline treatment, screening or procedures

  • I will not take over the role of your partner - I can support THEIR involvement and help them, to help you!

  • Catch your baby

woman in a birth pool having a baby


Doulas and partners make a great team! Your Doula will not replace your partner in the birthing space - in fact they can enhance the experience of partners!  Your Doula is there to be a support for your partner too, they can help prompt them with ways to connect and support you during birth and also give them a break if your labour is particularly long. Your partner can gain confidence and feel more at ease by having the back-up of a Doula who is calm and confident in your birth space

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