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When is the best time to book?

Anytime! From 5 weeks to 42 weeks if I am available! While it is best that we have as much time to connect during pregnancy as possible, I am happy to take on clients at any gestation, subject to availability - Ideally the earlier the better so we can really build a great connection!

If you are only just finding out how awesome Doulas are and you are really close to your guesstimated date, you are still welcome to connect with me and if I can't help you then I will endeavor to help you find someone who can 

How do I make a booking with you?

That's easy;

1) Send me an email with your estimated due date and the services/package you are interested in and I will assess my availability



2) Then we book a meet up - either in your home or over a hot drink at your local café. This is free and included in every package. For virtual clients this meet-up will be via Zoom. Here I will give you my information pack and we can figure out how I can best meet your needs. If I can't help, I can connect you with a beautiful network of Doulas to find the right match for you


3) Secure your booking by paying the applicable booking deposit (for birthing clients $300, for postpartum packages 50%), to blank out my calendar for your on-call/calendar dates



4) Finalise the remainder by 36 weeks (either by installments through Afterpay or in full)- You can pay upfront via cash, Paypal or Credit/Debit card 

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes - We have Afterpay - you simply pay your applicable booking deposit to secure your dates in my calendar and then set up your Afterpay at 36 weeks for the remainder 

Do you offer a refund if i Change my mind?

Yes! You are eligible for a refund within 60 days of your guesstimated date, minus booking deposit (this deposit means that I am ALL YOURS for your guesstimated date and means that I do not book anyone else in your space), plus pro-rata fees for any time I have already attended (at $70 per hour). This gives me time to book a new client in your place 

This is all set out in detail, in my information pack and written into our contract when you book my services

I'm birthing with a private Obstetrician - can you still support me?

Absolutely! When you birth with a private OB, they won't be there throughout your entire labour. You will be cared for by whichever Midwife is on duty (many of whom in the private hospital setting don't actually see many undisturbed and unmedicated births) so having the constant support from a Doula is key!

Let me be real - Some Private OBs state that they don't allow Doulas (this is a bloody big red flag - it is most likely because they would then have someone has the ability to call them out if they start talking crap) so it may be worth finding out what your OBs stance on Doulas are. If they aren't supportive then A) you have to ask yourself why? and B) you have some decisions to make! 

I'm birthing at home with an independent midwife - can you still support me?

Absolutely! Most Midwives love to have another person to help with the hands-on support, whilst they attend to all of your clinical needs

What if I end up booking an elective Caesarean?

Absolutely! There is still so much to prepare for - I can help you explore your options, help you understand the process and recovery, and talk through any concerns you and your partner may have, to have the best birth possible


On the day, I can come with you and help settle you into hospital, some care providers will allow me into theatre if that’s what you want, if not I can wait and help make you comfortable afterwards, supporting you both in those precious first few hours of family life

In the event of an unexpected elective caesarean birth, I can offer additional postpartum support in lieu of labour support  

Do You Support Freebirthing clients?

I absolutely love freebirth as an option, it is absolutely taking the ultimate power and responsibility for your body, birth and your baby. I do not attend freebirths although I may be able to connect you with others who can provide this service 

In the event of government restrictions (COVid-19 related)

If Government restrictions or policies prevent me from fulfilling my duty as your Doula, I will continue to support you labouring at home for as long as you require and then can continue to provide support virtually (via phone or facetime/Zoom) whenever you need me during your labour. If hospital policy prevents me from attending your birth, I will provide you with 6 hours of additional postpartum support 

What areas do you service?

I'm in Mount Barker WA and for in-person services, cover an area between Cranbrook, Albany and Denmark. Outside of this area may be accommodated depending upon my availability - contact me! I also work virtually for anyone outside these areas, regionally, interstate or internationally

how did you become a doula?

I had met Vicki Hobbs when I attended an optimal maternal positioning (OMP) study day as part of my professional development when I was a Midwife. I began to follow her work and was impressed by her professionalism, knowledge and philosophy on birth. Her course through the Doula Training Academy was a natural choice. It is well structured, easy to navigate, comprehensive and well supported throughout the duration of the course and also following on after you graduate


 Vicki shares extensive knowledge through videos, workbooks and links to up-to-date research, articles and websites and an impressive list of outstanding speakers. I genuinely can't recommend this course highly enough. If you are considering taking a Doula training course visit the Doula Training Academy, here is my affiliate link: (if you sign up via this link I will receive a 'thank you' commission for helping you find the Doula Training Academy)

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