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Birthy Podcasts - Listen and learn

What's better than being able to hit play on a down to earth, raw honest experiential discussion? It sometimes feels like you're right in the room doesn't it?

The beauty of podcasts is that you could choose a really niche topic and usually find almost exactly what you're looking for. You can listen while you work, drive, wait, relax, breathe, they are such a great way to gain insight, knowledge and challenge your belief systems

In preparation for birth and early parenting there are a few absolute gems that are worth hooking into. Here are some of my absolute favourites;

Here you will find real life accounts of birth from all around the country. You can find stories of all kinds of birth - Caesarean - both urgent and planned, multiple births, breech birth, unmedicated birth in hospital and at home, freebirth, VBAC (Vaginal birth after caesarean), assisted birth, infant and pregnancy loss, public system, private system, birth centre, on the side of the road and absolutely everything in between

Dr Melanie Jackson (based in Australia) is a Doctor of Midwifery and an absolute powerhouse of wisdom. Her podcast was co-hosted by B from Core and Floor but is now solely hosted by Mel (who is a private Midwife and Midwifery mentor), who features some fantastic speakers to join in the conversation. There are just too many topics to mention, but the common thread is that Mel shares alternatives to what is churned out in industrial maternity care

Katie James and Dr Rachel Reed discuss all aspects of Midwifery care and topics of womanhood, motherhood, pregnancy, birth and lactation. Guest speakers share their insight, wisdom and experience

Here you'll find a load of first hand experiences of VBAC births, both in hospital and at home

Ashley Winning (based in Australia) shares some incredible stories of VBAC, including planned and unplanned home and freebirth. These stories will open your eyes to the possibilities of VBAC in many settings, with many previous birth histories and the ultimate power of decision making

Dr Stuart Fischbein OB-GYN and Midwife Blyss Young are based in the US and attend homebirths and also teach vaginal breech birth all around the world (amongst many other things), Dr Stu is a passionate supporter of home VBAC, breech and twin vaginal birth and also the midwifery model of care. Their podcast although based in the US, is a great insight into the OB perspective of current evidence, and navigating informed decision making as a basic human right

I am certain you will find some incredible topics that you can connect with throughout your pregnancy and birthing journey! x

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