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My first Homebirth - Baby #3

After our second baby, Kyra was born within an hour of arriving at Kaleeya hospital I decided that for our third baby we would have a Homebirth. I had attended several as a student and just loved the beautiful relationship that developed between parents and their very own Midwife

This is one of the reasons we chose to have our third baby at home- which turned out to be a great plan, as otherwise I would have had her in the car on the side of the road. I was in active labour for less than 40 minutes 😜and although my booked Midwives didn't make it in time, my good friend Esther (also a Midwife) was there- with about 5 minutes to spare!

Ada popped out in a birth pool in the middle of our lounge room, with her 2 big sisters watching (after being totally unaware of what was going on, as they watched a movie in another room). My poor husband popped out his first grey hair the moment I told him that the baby was pretty much crowning before anyone else had arrived. The funny thing was, we had a video camera set up and running with a view across the lounge room and for most of it you can only see him pacing around, then standing directly in front of the camera (at groin height no less), doing a compulsive, nervous ball scratch!

Ada was born gently through the water, which was my favourite way to birth, and into my arms. The girls came in just before she was born and I can remember Kyra saying "wow, there's a baby head!" We had prepared them for what they might see and they were both really excited to watch, though because it was so fast they really only saw her emerge, which was perfect really

Ada came through the water (don't worry, babies aren't stimulated to breathe until they come to the surface, and are still receiving oxygen and goodness through their intact umbilical cord) and I caught her and saw that we indeed had another beautiful girl. The pool water was totally clear and we sat in there for a little while, taking in everything about her. Birthing in the water is bliss- the warmth helps to ease contractions, being underwater feels private and safe, the buoyancy of the water means that pressure is taken off muscles, joints and my back, and moving around is a heap easier. It has also been found to reduce perineal tearing- I had none

When I was ready, we got out of the pool and laid on the lounge (a leather one, that was dutifully covered in a waterproof sheet and a heap of towels ;) waiting on my Midwives, my family and the placenta to emerge

I planned on leaving the placenta to do its thing naturally (as I had done in previous births) and it took about an hour- only cutting the cord as it was quite short, but had totally stopped pulsing and Ada had been transfused with her total blood volume. Our Midwives had arrived about half an hour after Ada was born, came in quietly and did all of their necessary bits and pieces and confirmed that I had indeed survived (insert sarcasm here). My Mum was going to be present for Ada's birth but as she came so fast, Sam had to call her back and get her to turn around and get Gary (my beautiful Step Dad) who had a picnic basket of soft cheese, smoked fish and salami for me- bless that man

I still have the image of after the birth, it brings tears to my eyes- of me holding Ada, the Midwives at kitchen table filling in paperwork, the rest of us sitting around in the dim lamplight reflecting off the still clear water in the pool as I ate my lounge room picnic. It was bliss. I want everyone to feel like that after they birth- and you can. It takes a few steps and can be impacted by your choice of care provider (the most important part), the education you seek, the support you enlist - having a Doula is instrumental to every step! These necessary things are all at your fingertips but often we are reaching out in the dark. You can feel empowered and ecstatic whether you have a hospital birth, home birth, assisted birth or Caesarean birth

Wherever you choose to give birth, whomever you choose to be your care provider- you still have so many choices to make regarding your care. You have a heap of options and it is worth taking the time to look at what is available to you, as each hospital/Doctor/Birth Centre/setting - public or private has their own pro's and con's, and will offer a different birthing environment and birthing experience. You need to have a clear idea of what type of experience YOU want and then work backwards to find the care provider who aligns with your needs

My hope for all birthing people is that they are valued, listened to, respected and treated like the Queen they are. You are not sick. You are powerful and deserve to be empowered by your care team - whatever way you choose to, or eventually end up birthing xx

I'm Hayley,

Doula, Birth Educator and Mother of 4. I have been a birth worker for over 10 years and it is my life's work to support you to have your best birth and postpartum possible! Think of me as your constant birth companion and post partum bestie - my mission is to help guide you throughout the incredible experience as you meet your new family member and settle in to life with your baby! Connect with me through -


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